Grant Archard Finds New Lease On Life Thanks To ReActiv8

16 years ago, Grant Archard survived a life altering event. Fracturing his back, he now lives a full life and competes in ironman triathlons thanks to ReActiv8.

Grant's Story on NBN News

Archard: “I fractured my T4,5 and 6.”

Clare: “For years, those back breaks limited his movement and caused constant pain, but undergoing minor surgery to have a device inserted has finally given him some relief.”

Archard: “The ReActiv8 implant, which worked on the multifidus muscle in the lower back, and for me that seemed more of a better option because it worked on fixing the problem and not just masking the problem as a stimulator does.”

Clare: “Archard just last week, completed his third Ironman triathlon in Western Australia this year.”

Congrats Gratn Archard for achieving your goals and on beating your personal best.

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grant archard triathlon
Credit NBN News

Grant's Story in the Newcastle Herald

He became dependent on pain medication to function, before realising the drugs weren’t the answer.

“It becomes a vicious cycle,” he said.

He turned to a restorative neurostimulation device which research has shown can improve the lives of people like Mr Archard. Dr Marc Russo, director of Hunter Pain Specialists, implanted the device in Mr Archard at Newcastle Private Hospital in August last year.

Dr Russo said the treatment aimed to “not simply block pain, but restore function”…

Mr Archard said he started to notice a reduction in pain after four to six months.

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grant in the newcastle herald
Credit Newcastle Herald