A restorative treatment for people with CLBP

ReActiv8® is an implantable neurostimulation system for mechanical CLBP and multifidus muscle dysfunction. 77% of patients in a three-year trial experienced CLBP relief and 67% of patients experienced resolution.


ReActiv8 Restorative Neurostimulation is a restorative therapy designed to address impaired neuromuscular chronic low back pain (CLBP).

ReActiv8 works by targeting the multifidus muscle with electrical pulses delivered through proprietary self-anchoring lead technology placed adjacent to the medical branch of the dorsal ramus.


78% of patients reported they were ‘definitely satisfied’ with their treatment with ReActiv8. In our clinical trial, 76%  of patients had improvements of ≥ 50% in VAS and/or ≥ 20 points in ODI. ReActiv8 offers reprise for patients that are plagued with chronic lower back pain and gives them renewed hope with a sustainable, pragmatic, and long-term solution.

  1. Patients should consult their healthcare professional to determine if the ReActiv8 Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) device is right for them; and
  2. Outcomes may vary for each patient. Patients should consult their healthcare professional about factors that could impact the level and timing of the effect; and
  3. Patients must talk to their health professional about whether the ReActiv8 IPG device may be suitable as part of the overall plan to manage intractable chronic mechanical lower back pain; and
  4. The ReActiv8 IPG device is not a first-line treatment for chronic mechanical lower back pain; and
  5. Surgery is required in order to use the ReActiv8 IPG device and any surgical procedure carries risk.